Kata dasar for Joshua is ‘shua’

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Every Thursday, my boy will have rencana in school. So, last nite when we go thru the sentences for today’s rencana, I thought juz test him how far he knows on the kata dasar for those words. So, here I go….
Me: What is the kata dasar for menulis?
Jo2: tulis
Me: What is the kata dasar for memelihara?
Jo2: pelihara (this one I knew jiejie hint him)
Me: What is the kata dasar for mengajar?
Jo2: ajar
Me: good…..What is the kata dasar for mengikuti?
Jo2: ikuti
Me: no, just the word ‘ikut‘ only……don’t include the “i” behind, ok.
Jo2: ok…….and b4 I proceed, my son said the kata dasar for Joshua is “shuashua
Me: no, Joshua is your name, and there’s no kata dasar.
Jo2: then why u always only call me “shuashualeh?
Me: b’coz it sound cute on you….LOL


Registration is done!

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Finally, I went to confirm Jo2’s seat at Union Primary School on the 3rd of Aug 2010. I did the same registration procedure 3 years back for Jo1, and paid RM1 for the badge. The orientation will be held on the 30 December 2010, and there is a profile form to fill up, school’s rules to read thru, and lists of books to buy. To me, I prefer to buy the books now rather than wait until the day where there will be so crowded or some books might be not available/ sold out. Unlike Jo1’s time, Jo2 is in 1J(Jingga) which the the 4th class. It’s no longer on the first come first serve basis, but according to the child’s date of birth. Basically, those who are born in the month of Jan & Feb will be in the 1st class, and Mar & April in 2nd class….etc etc. I noticed that there are only 22 students in Jo2’s class.
Jo2’s first reaction when I told him about this news: “YEAH! now I can go buy buy things from the school mini store.” (Jiejie told him about this store in school selling stationery, and there is always students in long queue buying things) Faint…faint…faint.

School registration for Jo2

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On 15 July, Jo1 passed to me a paper which is the acceptance letter of Jo2’s to primary school. I was waiting for this letter to arrive since the beginning of July, I expect them to send it to my mail box. Jo1 told me that her form teacher passed it to her, only I realized that once you have your #1 in that school, your #2 will automatically accepted in the same school (for convenient sake, I think)

In the mean while, Jo2 is preparing for his Kindergarten graduation concert now. He will be taking his graduation photos in September, and I need to get him a long pants, white shirt with collar, and a pair of sport shoes too. Looking forward for the day to come.

Small boy with big dreams

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Jo2 told me that he wanted to buy a BIG blue car when he grown up. He said he wanted to bring mommy go kai-kai(outing), shopping, and also goto hospital to see doctor(remind me that I will be old and sick by that time). LOL

Next, he said he wanted to buy a BIG house so that he can stay with his best friends. My little boy been asking for a bigger house as we are now staying in a 1100 sq. ft apartment has not much space for him to run around. Sorry, boy….daddy & mommy has no intention to buy another house in Penang at this moment coz the price of landed property is hiking up + I don’t have the energy and time to clean a bigger house .

Of course, he knew that to buy all these, he needs to earn lots of money. He said he wants to be like “Bob the builder”, engineer like papa2jojo, pilot like uncle Ivan….blah blah blah….and this morning, he told me he wants to be a double decker bus driver. FAINT!!!

Mid-Term school holiday (Week 2)

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14-16 June (Monday-Wed) I signed up for them to join science camp for 3 days at RM120/each. On the first day, they learned about Inertia and how to make chalk. They played hopscotch using the chalk they made. Jo1’s named her group 6 Einstein and Jo2 group is Happy Scientist.

On Tuesday, they decorate their project folder and make origami. At 5PM, I went to fetch them. In the car, I told them that I got a good news and bad news for them. The bad news is – I am taking them to Dr.Sim’s clinic which is few blocks away from their school. Their annual influenza jab is due, and this time they are taking influenza + H1N1 (2 in 1). Jo1 weight at 29kg and Jo2 is 20.3kg. Both of them asked Dr for a smaller needle so that not so painful, but so shame that Jo1 cried. Dr recalled that when she was a baby, she never cried at all.

And the good news is – mummy will bring them to cinema to watch The Karate Kid tonite. Surprisingly no queue at the ticketing counter, we managed to grab a good seat for a good show. The movie lasts for 2 hrs 15min and we reached home at 11PM.

On Wednesday, the last day of their camp they learned how to make ice-cream in 10min. Both came home happily with their stuff done at the camp in a orange color bag.

What a fruitful holiday they had…

Mid-Term school holiday (Week 1)

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Jo1 has 2 weeks of school holiday right after 1st semester 2nd evaluation. This round, I planned ahead instead of letting her sitting at home watching tv whole day. School holidays began on 5 June, and her school celebrated Teacher’s Day a day before. All her classmates brought food to school, it was a potluck party. She had fun eating, playing games and some performance for the teachers.

On the 8 June (Tuesday), both of them had excursion to the bird park and KFC at Batu Lanchang for lunch. It was arranged by Jo2’s kindergarten, so they have bird show by the trainer. This is their 2nd trip to this place, but surprising they can’t recall.

On the 9 June (Wednesday) Jo2 went to school while Jo1 stay at my parents’ place. I received a call from PBB (Macalister branch). Initially I thought she wanted to confirm cheque issued, later only found out that Jo1 won consolation prize for a coloring contest that her school teacher send in on behalf. Mummy so happy and proud to hear about it.

On the 11 June (Friday), we took an early flight to Kuala Lumpur. Rent a car with GPS and headed to A Famosa Resort, Melaka. Due to time constrain, we bought ticket for Animal World safari and Carnival at Cowboy town. We paid RM200+ for 2 adults and 2 children, lunch included. The ride by safari truck was so bumpy, but we get very close to all the wild animals. I think they should warn people ahead, it’s def not suitable for pregnant women, babies or ppl with heart problem. My kids enjoyed the Wild Wild West show amongst. By 4pm, we were done with safari but carnival only start at 8:30PM. So, we left A Famosa to a nearby town – Tampine hunting for dinner. Back to Cowboy Town around 7:30PM, the Red Indian show and carnival was amazing.

Kids were scared of the python

Flamingo with black lip sticks

On the 12 June (Sat), we woke up late as everyone was very tired. Bath and had breakfast at the hotel, we arrived at KLCC Aquaria at noon. Bought family package ticket at RM99 (2 adults & 2 children). We spent quality time there for about 4 hours. Shark feeding session was the most excited of all. Next, we went to Mid-Valley Megamall for dinner and shopping. Also, drop by relatives house near Bukit Jalil b4 back to hotel.

On the 13 June (Sun), CH – my youngest BIL join us today as we planned to visit sky bridge Petronas Twin Tower. Unfortunately, all entrance tickets we gave away even though we reached there at 9am (this is my 2nd attempt to go there). We didn’t stay at KLCC for long, we went to Pavilion instead. We walked around Pavilion, Starhill galary, Lot 10 and Sungai Wang since all these places are nearby to each other. Had a good rest at Coffee Beans for about an hour b4 we headed to KLIA at 5PM. Luckily Lbh Putrajaya wasn’t jam at all and my flight from KL – PEN at 8PM on time. That’s the end of my KL trip and home sweet home at 10:30PM.

Hello 2010

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2010 means… …

Jo1 is turning 9 (standard 3) and Jo2 is turning 6(kindi 2) this year. Jo1 is in the 1st class this year (more tough and lots of homework) actually I prefer her to stay in the 2nd class. In fact, she told me that her classmates are not friendly and more selfish compared to last year. I am a mommy who put priority on attitute coz I don’t want my kids to grow up with attitude problem. Good thing is that, Jo1 still befriendwith her old classmates during tea break.

Being in the 1st class, her classroom has a big size air cooler, 2 fans and new table and chair. Other than that, I also noticed that there are grill installed on the classroom, and window has curtain. Now, the canteen is cleaner and look brighter with new mosaics.

2 years ago, when Jo1 first enrolled to this school, I was very unsatisfied with the toilet. Now, I am so happy when I see the new cleaner toilet. And also not forget the newly renovated canteen which look brighter and cleaner now.

Meanwhile, Jo2 has not much changes for this year. He is still in the same kindergarten since nursery1 except he insisted not to take his afternoon nap now. Yup, he said he is a big boy now. This big boy will wake up @ 8am, brush teeth, change into uniform (button by himself w/o mommy’s help), choose clothes to bring to school, go to the living room to check whether mommy has prepared “bento” for his tea break @ school, then he will take his vitamins(able to open the cap , play his toy for a while b4 he carry his school bag leaving for school. This year, he will be sitting for 2 exams (mid year & year end). He also has spelling every week since the beginning of this year. In fact, he already get used to these since last year.

Monday – Malay spelling (Ejaan – morning session)
Tuesday – Chinese spelling (听写 – afternoon session)
Wednesday – Dictation (morning session)
Thursday – Malay spelling (Ejaan – afternoon session)

Indeed, I really thank god that I am blessed to have 2 of them as my children… …
I hope it’s a good start for the year 2010, and will lasts forever.

Summary 1

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Seriously, I don’t know where to start now after a long blogs break. I am in dilemma…
Anyway, I am going to summarize whatever I can recall.

Right after Jo1’s 2 semester first exam (end of August 09), we went for a day trip to kedah. This is more like a education trip for her. We passed by padi field on our way heading to The Padi Musuem where both my kids enjoyed seeing the farm animals. They kept counting the numbers of cows they saw. We did stop by Gunung Keriang since it’s located nearby, but nothing to shout about there except a few crystal shop at the bottom of the mountain.

My parents and kids looking @ painting inside the


Next, we have a new addition to the Ng family. Papa2jojo’s eldest brother’s R.OM was held on 20 Sept @ Taiping. The ceremony was held in the morning and we had luncheon right after that.

Next, we have Mid-autumn celebration @ PSC. This year, kids’ PD also invited us to celebrate this festival in his new clinic, but we didn’t turn up coz I prefer to celebrate it with my parents.

October means the month for birthday celebration. Jo2 turned 5 this year. He had his b’day celebrated @ school and @ my parents place.

He picked Mickey Mouse wearing light blue shirt for his cake.

then……he told me he wanted to wear the light blue shirt that we bought from HongKong Disneyland.

On that day, he asked his jiejie to wear blue blouse too!!!

in fact, his school uniform is blue color too!!! Isn’t he very good in “Matching” color. Maybe, he wanted a “blue themed” b’day, juz mommy didn’t notice about it.

"Cross my heard" he said

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Went to the movie “Up” on Monday nite (24/8/09),

36 hours later….It was Wednesday morning, I changed him and get him ready for school.

While walking out the room, he turned his head and say : “mommy, I love you. Cross my heart.

*heart melts*
very worthy movie ticket I paid!!!

Dinosaur World -Part 2

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Jo2 turned my coffee table into “The Land before time” on the day my eldest sis gave him all these dinosaurs.

He was so amazed with so many Dinosaurs

He grouped them accordingly.

He counted them repeatedly, I heard he said altogether 27 Dinosaurs.
(Yippee, I am sure these new friends will keep him busy and entertained for quite some time)

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